Zebra is the new black!

I think that God gave women the ability to stress over the littlest things. Maybe it is a good thing because we get that really cool “mother’s intuition”, but right now it is the dumbest thing stressing me out.

As many people know, I am in love with zebra. Yes Jessica, zebra is a color…in fact zebra is the new black! As the State President-Elect for Women’s Council of REALTORS, I get the pleasure of planning Installation and Orientation (2 things I am sure you will hear more about). So, my major stress…centerpieces! Of course, I want to use zebra for Installation…but seriously, have you seen a zebra centerpiece??? And if you have, please share!

So it is the littlest thing and I can’t seem to move past it! Please send zebra ideas so I can stress about something that really matters.

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