Who doesn’t love a scarf?

Have I told you lately how much I love ?

Well, I do! I got the idea for a cute scarf and decided to make one myself. It turned out so adorable that I have now made it in a few different colors.

Step 1- Lay out a plain t-shirt.

Step 2- Trace a Paper Plate on your shirt. If you are good, you could skip this…I am just not that good. I traced 6 paper plate circles on the front of a shirt.

Step 3- Cut out your circles. From my 6 circles on the front, I cut through both sides of the shirt giving me 12 circles.

Step 4- Cut each circle into a spiral shape. Seriously, perfection is not needed!

Step 5- Stretch your fabric.

Step 6-Put all strips together and ta-da, a super cute scarf!

I have now added a t-shirt flower to my scarf and will show you how to do that soon!

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