We’ve Got Spirit

We’ve got spirit, yes we do,

We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?

A recent post got me thinking about that cheer.  Instead of spirit though, I have got power.

I have the power because I am applying my knowledge.  I have recently begun teaching some technology classes.  Maybe it is my generation, but I have always embraced technology.  Being a member of WCR has taught me that technology does not come easily to everyone.  It is actually WCR that started me in my new interest of teaching.  Last year, I was recommended to assist in a learning lab at a WCR National meeting.  I was able to do a session on smart phones.  Since that time I have done classes for Texas WCR and two Brokerages.  This new passion inspired me to become a TREC approved instructor.  I am also in the process of becoming an approved MCE provider, so I can write and teach my classes.

I’ve got power, yes I do,

I’ve got power how ‘bout you?

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