Turning A Corner After A Tragedy

home sold






Yesterday, I helped clients of mine sell their first home.  This was never going to be their long-term dream home, but it was still their first home.  Their first big purchase as a couple.  The place they brought their babies home to…

On December 26th of 2015 a tornado ripped not only their home, but their lives apart.  3 of the 4 family members were at home when it hit and they barely made it into the bathroom for shelter.  When I say barely, I mean barely!  Mom had to hold the door shut with every ounce of her being to keep her family safe.

Fast forward 5 months and they have endured nearly every fathomable hurdle one could imagine when it comes to moving on from this tragic event.  We met for coffee one afternoon to discuss what their options might be.  After guiding them through all of the different possibilities and what they could expect to encounter along each road, they decided that selling what was left of the home/lot was the best decision for their family.  We were able to sell their home quickly and allow them to start a new chapter in their lives.
Why do I do what I do?  Because a home is so much more than the actual structure.  It’s the things that happen inside.  It’s the love, the memories – good and bad.  And most of all…  It’s because there truly is no place like home.
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