Tragedy In Rowlett

 Let's Rebuild Home

The Dream Connectors are not only your REALTORS®, but we are also your neighbors.

Our community was ripped apart by the December 26th tornado. As REALTORS®, this has hit us especially hard as we know all these streets and have shown or sold many of the homes effected….this is our community!  The Dream Connectors would like to give back to our community in the best way we know how…housing friends and family. We are currently offering our expertise to help displaced families find a rental. We will rebate 100% of any commissions received directly to the family so that they can use these funds to help rebuild their lives. Because At The Dream Connectors we believe that rebuilding the community starts at home.


Saturday night we were taking Christmas decorations down to prepare for our son’s birthday on NYE. Suddenly, all of our phones started blaring and seconds later the sirens were going off. Our house is literally one street from the siren, so we hear it regularly and are obviously desensitized to it. Our immediate thoughts were, “Does this mean we take cover or just turn on the television?” So we turned on our TV and I started yelling orders (get your phone, put on shoes, etc.) At the same time, I am calling my mom because the TV shows that it is hitting her house right then. I talked to her briefly and she said that all she hears is silence and we needed to take cover. We split up (hindsight probably a bad idea, but maybe not). My oldest and I went to the hall closet and my husband and youngest went to the bathroom. We watched on our iPads as the tornado was headed directly at us. Then suddenly it got to the edge of our neighborhood and just lifted back up off the ground.

We are a mix of emotions. On one hand, we are so thankful that we’ve survived with zero damage…not only us, but my mom too. On the other hand, we are heartbroken because our community has been torn to shreds and it looks like a war zone. As a realtor, I am a mess because there are so many homes gone that I have sold or shown.

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