This is my year!

It seems like I put 2011 to bed with one attitude and woke up with a brand new attitude. By no means am I complaining, but I am quite surprised by this new Sylvia.

I have always heard, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”. I am not sure who actually said that, but WOW! Now why it took so many years to understand is beyond me…maybe I have finally grown up.

So what am I going to change this year?

1-As we discussed previously, I am going to blog. Instead of focusing on real estate, I am going to focus of reality…well, at least my reality.

2-I am going to get healthy once and for all. It seems like I have tried (and failed) throughout the years, but I have always done it for the wrong reason. My reason is purely selfish. I like the way I feel when I am healthier. I like the way I look. I like have cute biceps and being a girl. So, do hate…I will do this! Now, I am sure I may whine a little along the way…but this time, it is for me!

3-Get closer to God. I think this is a standing thing I do every year, but that really only seems right because like any relationship it should grow over the years.

4-Genuinely to just be happy. Live in the moment. Not fret about the things around the corner, because it could always be worse. I mean seriously, at least I am not the one that crashed a $450 million cruise ship, right?

5-Spread the love. I want everyone to feel the joy I feel. I can’t explain where this happy & motivated Sylvia came from, but I want my friends to have it too. Everyone deserves the best!

I plan to add to this list throughout the year, but that is enough to get me started. I just thought that I should let my readers in on this new Sylvia and why my blog will seem different.

This is my year, but hey…I am not selfish, it can be your year too! How are you going to make it yours?

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