The Jersey Lillie Boutique

Jersey Lillie Boutique

For a short six months of my childhood we lived near the downtown square in Rockwall. I remember fondly walking to the square to look in the shops and even digging through every change jar in the house to round up enough money to buy an ice cream. Reminiscing about the good ole’ days, I sat out to see what was on the square in Rockwall.

The first store that caught my eye was The Jersey Lillie Boutique. Now, it probably grabbed my eye because of the zebra print jewelry, but I am so happy that I stepped inside. The store was so inviting…to the point it was like each display was saying “touch me”. This boutique was full of the most adorable jewelry, clothes and shoes I have seen. I would say the style of The Jersey Lillie is definitely Western Chic.

I completed my shopping excursion by visiting with the owner, Linda Lane. She told me the story of Judge Roy Bean and the love of his life Lillie Langtry although they never met. Judge Roy Bean built The Jersey Lilly Saloon/Court in Langley, Texas. Growing up near Langley, Linda Lane named her boutique after Judge Roy Bean’s Jersey Lilly Saloon.

Next time you are near the Rockwall Square, stop by The Jersey Lillie Boutique and be sure to tell them sent you! And don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook.

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