Talking About My Generation

My Grandparents-Ralph & Marie Lacy

Recently, I had my TRLP (Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program) class Diversity.  I have never done a class on Diversity before, but it was amazing.  What an eye opening experience!  Of course we talked a lot about diversity in ethnicity, but the very interesting part was on generations.  I have done some generation classes, but this was amazing how hands on it was.  I was blown away!  All of the learning was great but, my take away was worth every penny of the class.  My Gen (Gen Y) mostly relates to the Traditional generation (born 1922-1945).  Why is it?  Because our hero’s were our grandparents.  Although the times are different with technology, economy, society, etc our values are so much alike!  This really intrigued me, so I talked to the instructor Pat Strong on one of our breaks.  I had never thought of my grandparents as my hero’s before, but when I began to put it together in my mind-they were my hero’s (my moms parents).  One passed away a week after I turned 13 and the other 6 months later.  And here I  am 18 years later, realizing that everything I am…everything that embodies what I want, believe, desire, inspire to be….I learned in my first 13 years of life.  So by this point in the conversation with Pat, I am on the verge of a mix of astonishment and tears.  And with that revelation, I began reflecting on my life.  I do not or have not ever had many friends my age.  Maybe 1 or 2, but my closest friends and the majority of my friends have always been a lot older than me.  Why would I be drawn to older people?  Why would my parents have become such an important part of my life at such an early age?  Why would I be working with my mom now?  Why would I be in a profession were the average age is 54?  Why would I throw my heart and soul into an organization that the average age is 57?  Why would I value someone older’s opinion more than my own?  Why have I never had a client that was not a referral from someone I know?  Why, why, why?   Well, I lost my hero’s when I was 13.  It was a natural progression for me to be drawn to people that would be most like my hero’s.  You can’t even imagine all the emotions this all brought up.  I did not realize that I missed my grandmother as much as I do.   

I wanted to do TRLP, not because I thought I needed leadership skills.  I felt like a leader.  I thought I may learn some things, but never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would find so much out about myself.

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