Structural Engineer vs Foundation Company

One of the most frusterating things that I encounter as a REALTOR(R) has to do with inspections and foundation issues. In Texas, especially in North Texas, we have expansive clay soil. It is not uncommon for an inspector to write up on an inspection report to get a second opinion on the foundation. What do most people do?

Of course, they call a foundation company! How do foundation companies make their money? I know, by selling foundations. Why is it that foundation companies offer free quotes?

As a REALTOR(R), I encourage my clients to invest the money (about $225) to get a structural engineer to come look at the property. There have been several times that a foundation company has reccommended $4,000 of foundation work, but when the structural engineer comes out they say the absolute worst thing to do would be to adjust the foundation.

So, I am left with a quote from my favorite structural engineer “A foundation is like a man…if it hasn’t done anything for the past 30 years, it is not about to start!”

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