Random thoughts from my first run in the rain

10. I really need to invest in waterproof mascara.

9. I am sooooo thankful for my Lifeproof iPhone case so I can track my running and listen to my tunes!

8. running in the rain really isn’t too bad except when the rain stops and the humidity is 8,000%….yup, that sucks!

7. I think people driving by have a goal to splash you with more water…surely that was just their way of saying , “you got this!”

6. Running in the rain has to burn more calories, right?

5. I am typically pretty clumsy on dry ground and yet I had no issues today…someone is going to need to explain that to me.

4. Really, there is nothing grosser than wet socks!

3. Thanks to the running and the wet socks, I think I might lose a toenail. I’m so not ready for that!

2. Apparently, pink running shirts are see through so everyone in the neighborhood had a nice show or they are completely grossed out….oh well!

1. Starting was the hardest part, but there is no better feeling than completing it! I am stronger than I give myself credit for and so are you….get out there and just do it Blister Sisters ! The little challenges that life throws at you can be overcome…set a goal and make it happen!

My goal is a half marathon on 3-23-14. What is yours?


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