Race Recap

I ran my first half for my dad…here is the recap I wrote to a friend afterward although I am just posting it now! I was very open with Facebook througout my journey, but never quite blogged about it as much as I wanted to.

3/23/14-It still hasn’t sunken in, but I know it will. It is actually a little depressing at this point…trying to recover, hubs and kids are headed back north. I fly home tomorrow because I wasn’t about to drive 5 hours after that. So tonight will likely consist of pizza and a movie in the hotel room I want to tell you about everything…so indulge me: I took all kinds of pics and posted them because that’s just me. I’m always a pretty open book and have been throughout this entire journey so it would only be right for me to allow everyone to experience it with me. I am amazed at how many people followed the whole journey (but that is a different story about what I believe is my God given gift). So I am going to go through my phone and tell you about the 13.1 miles. It started with a selfie in front of the Alamo because I just had to play on the song…it cracks me up. It was pure crazieness before the race began. There were people everywhere. They had the half with 2000 people and a 5k and I’m not sure the number there. We all started together and did about 2 miles on the same course. The first mile was amazing. My fastest mile ever (yup shocking for me). It felt good despite the fact I was running in a strange town and having to watch the ground because it was bricks and of course not flat. Mile 2 I found a friend from Dallas. We had been texting but could never connect pre-race, but actually found each other in route. It was cold and super windy. By mile 3 I shed my jacket. Right after 3 we got to run across the Hayes Bridge, I have to research it because it is definitely historic. It was pretty freaking empowering just to run across. By mile 4, I had done several hills (and hills may be an understatement because I swear one was a mountain). We also ran through some super sketchy areas of San Antonio. I have no problem admitting that I live in suburbea…this was scary. At mile 4, I had to use a porta potty (I say that because it means my time was really much better. The line was long and it took me about 10 mins to get back to running) At 4.5, the winners of the race were passing me at 10.5 for them. At first it was a little depressing…but let me just say these guys were freaking hot so I decided it wasn’t so bad watching them…not to mention the fact they were cheering for us (the slowpokes). Right before we started I had Casey write my dad’s (and mine) favorite saying on my arm. Superior skill and good looks always wins. I focused on that through mile 5 because it was a super tough one! I had no idea the path would go on a trail. About 2 miles of the half was trail…and I say that loosely. There was some trail…but most was a rock trail. At 6 miles, I ran into my guys and its amazing what a friendly face does for you. It put a pep in my step and definitely kept me trucking along. By mile 7 I was in hill hell. I admit…I did vomit By 8 I was cranking it out and then looked at my phone to realize I only had 30 % battery. I was enjoying posting my progress…I could tell people were liking and commenting, but I wasn’t looking. So I turned off my music and did the rest in quietness. At 9, the hills were still freaking ridiculous and I was maybe a little bit delirious so we made the stupid video (seriously…the ways I embarrass myself). 9.5 I ran back into my family again. At 10, I got a really cute picture of me with the mile marker. By this point I was about at a loss for things to post. It sucked. I hurt…bad. Not to mention I had another mile of trail running coming up. At 11, I couldn’t be positive. At 12, I posted a pic of me and my dad and then powered down. I had been getting encouraging texts from my girlfriends the whole time…seriously Cheri, Tanya and Laura are the best friends that anyone could ever ask for! It was just me and my dad out there for the last 1.1 Seriously, I didn’t even talk to anyone. As I crossed the finish line, I didn’t break down like I thought…actually I didn’t even cry. I think I had my peace with my dad and it pushed me to the finish line. My guys were there waiting at the finish line for me. Honestly, I am not sure who had the harder job…me with the 13.1 or them chasing all over town to see me. My official time was 3:14. My watch showed all kinds of records when I finished: fastest mile, fastest 5k, fastest 10k and longest run of 13.23 miles. So i think had I not had a 10 min potty break and also had it only been 13.1 miles I would have hit a 3 hours or below. Don’t get me wrong…I am seriously not upset by my time at all, but to think that it really could have been 3 makes me so proud! The whole thing still hasn’t sunken in, but I bet it will in a few days.

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