National Mom’s Nite Out

How do you typically spend Mother’s Day? Do you run from one mom’s to the others? As a mother myself, sometimes it would be easier to just have a time out for Mother’s Day. That is why “The Ultimate Mom” author Maria Bailey started the first National Mom’s Nite Out in 2009. National Mom’s Nite Out is about celebrating motherhood. There are local events held throughout the country and even ones via Twitter and Skype that are bringing together women.

Firewheel Town Center is even hosting their first National Mom’s Nite Out this Thursday, May 6. The event will start at 6:30 pm. They will have a fashion show, interactive activities, demonstrations, entertainment and music. Beginning at 8:30 pm they will show the movie “Mama Mia”. This event is a free event that is encouraging local women to get out and unite with other women in the area.

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