My Blog Gets Blogged

Recently I was suprised to log on to my Google Reader and find that my blog was blogged. Being new to the blogging world, it brought up some strange revelations.

1-It means someone is reading my blog! Woo Hoo!
2-It means someone is reading my blog! Hmmm!

How could the same sentence mean 2 very different things?

I am definitely glad that someone is reading. I have thoughts and I am sharing them freely out in the world wide web. Does anyone have comments on what I am writing? Come on, post a comment!

Then on the other hand, yikes…someone is reading. I feel my blog is 100% me. That is the way I am in real life. Love me or hate me, I am what I am. But in writing my blog I am letting the anonymous readers know me, my thoughts…basically letting the reader in my head. That is just a little scary thought.

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