Multiple Offers Made Easy

Sold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.





Whether you’re buying or selling, finding yourself in the middle of a multiple-offer situation is always a possibility – especially in our hot market!  If you’re buying, how exactly do you make your offer stand out amongst the rest?  And if you’re selling, how do you know which buyer is the right one for your home?

My first piece of advice is usually this – the highest bid isn’t always the obvious or best choice.

If you’re in the position of selling your home, having a low-stress sale and move are huge priorities.  We can work with you to ensure that all of those bids are coming from potential buyers with, at the very least, solid pre-approval letters from qualified loan officers.  Your chances of the deal potentially falling through for personal or financial reasons are dramatically decreased.

And if you’re buying, think about including a personal letter with your offer explaining your situation to the buyer.  If you’re coming from a sincere place and you just know this is the perfect home for you, that might all the difference!  Many people selling their homes want to ensure that it’s in good hands even after they’ve moved on.

Most importantly…  Before you buy or sell, make sure you contact a certified real estate professional – like us, The Dream Connectors!  We have decades of experience helping sellers find offers that stick and helping buyers put together well-crafted offers that stand out.  Contact us today to get started!


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