Mind over Matter

So it is Day 3 of my half marathon training…cool, right?! Umm, it was until I realized I would be running 4 miles in the rain…oh, and it would be a whopping 35 degrees.

I was completely unsuccessful at convincing anyone to do it with me so here I was on my own…the only person making me do it was myself and the only thing holding me back was my mind.

I did work hard to prepare myself though thanks to my friend Sarah who helped prepare me for running in the cold. The 9pm Target run last night for gloves was definitely worth it.

I normally have many random observations or thoughts while running, but not today. Today was an internal struggle and here are some of the highlights:

Out the door-are you freaking kidding me?
.5 miles-I seriously may freeze to death…I wonder if anyone has ever died from running in this weather?
.75 miles-Thank God it isn’t raining!
1 mile-if my pants don’t quit falling down, I may seriously take them off.
1.5 miles-Running into the wind sucks…my face is burning…my throat is burning. Dang it, I forgot water!
1.75 miles-I’m going to have to run past my house so I can grab water…I’m dying of thirst.
2 miles-At least my — is sweating so much that it has glued my pants to me!
2.1 miles-water break…holy crap, I’m over half way done!
2.25 miles-Are you kidding me? It’s raining!
2.5 miles-I can’t do this…who am I kidding?
2.9 miles-I’ve never done more than a 5k…can I really do this?
3.2 miles-*tears* I’ve never pushed myself this hard in my life
3.5 miles- *still tears*
3.9 miles-If I feel this with just 4 miles, I’m going…how much different will 13.1 feel?
4 miles-I’ve never been more proud of myself! I accomplished something I never thought was possible…I did it by myself for myself because I am that strong!

Week one of half marathon training is complete and I promise if I can do this you can do anything you put your mind to…we are our own worst critic so quit stopping yourself…you are an amazing person and are unstoppable!


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