Mesquite Metro Airport

The City of Mesquite proudly promotes the benefits of the airport in the economic development of their city. The purpose of the Mesquite Metro Airport is to provide safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive air transportation facilities appropriate to the needs of the community.

Among the goals of the Airport is to enhance the community and use the airport to it’s maximum. They are compliant with local, state and federal laws regarding airport operations, security and safety. The Airport strives to recover costs through user fees and market value leases and agreements. The Airport wants to be a flexible transportation facility.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit the Mesquite Metro Airport, it is actually a really fun experience. My Brother-in-law recently got his pilot’s license and made flew into the Mesquite Metro Airport to visit family. We had such a fun time visiting the airport and of course watching the planes fly in and out. The highlight for my kids of course was getting in the plane and pretending that they were flying it.

I would definitely recommend the Mesquite Metro Airport for anyone need to fly in and out of the area as well as it has great field trip potential for kids.

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