Mellow Mushroom

Who doesn’t love it when a new restaurant comes to town? It’s the talk of the town and everyone is dying to try it…well after visiting Mellow Mushroom during their first 2 weeks open, I will not be rushing to try a new place again. Luckily, for my taste buds and Mellow Mushrooms sake I did try it again. I will sum up both visits with one post.

First visit-waiting an hour for a table…waiting an hour for food (which after another hour and 3 visits to our table from an unapologetic manager, we finally all got to eat). The manager was a major issue…a manager should never visit a table 3 times…let alone never apologize for the mistakes on your order.

Second visit (they have now been open about 2 months). The food was still delicious…the spinach artichoke dip is the best I have ever had!


And I mean the Maui Wowie pizza is amazing!


But once again the kitchen did have problems. An hour after ordering the cinnamon honey pretzels (which are on the menu twice) I was notified that they don’t serve them. Ummm, excuse me? It’s on your menu…twice!

Mellow Mushroom seems like an alternative to Flying Saucer with a really good beer menu, but this kitchen has some issues. I will try it one more time, but if they strike out again we will stick with ordering it to go or going elsewhere.


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