Listen, Linda…training sucks!

Woo hoo, I completed my first half marathon and then basically took 2 months off. Yes, I ran…but nothing like I should! Yesterday was day 1 of training for my second half and ummm, learn from me and don’t follow my example!

1-don’t start at a 10 min pace…it really may kill you
2-your legs will scream…and then become jello…just keep going
3-it is much harder to train in the 90 degree weather than the 20 degree weather…I swear, just trust me!
4-any pace is better than one that involves sitting on the couch…but I still have to get my speed back up! I seriously can’t believe I am publishing it.
And 5-my last half marathon was about healing, this time around it is all about fun and being completely utterly quirky (aka myself). So yes, I will throw deuces…yes, I will look stupid…yes, I will struggle…but most importantly, I will concur the Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon!



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