Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Illegal Search

I have always been under the impression as a United States citizen that I have certain rights.  Apparently, I was wrong.  I arrived at the Harlingen Airport almost 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to depart.  With nothing to do other than sit and play on my phone, I immediately went through the security screening.  I just don’t know what it is, but does the Transportation Security Administration always have to be rude?  It does not matter what I do, they are always getting on to me.  I either walk to slow, walk to fast or they don’t like how I lay my shoes.  This screening was again no surprise that I did something wrong. 

Once through that torture, I sat down for the next 2 hours returning emails and just playing on my phone.  I decided to go get a Coke at the Food Court.  I ended up with a bottle of Coke and a cup of ice.  I then returned to my seat to wait until it was time to board. 

I was approached by 3 TSA people.  They informed me that I was randomly selected for them to perform a test on my drink.  To say the least, I was completely taken back.  I have NEVER heard of such a thing!  And to be honest, I felt extremely intimidated by these 3 rent-a-cop type of people.  Had I been thinking, I would have refused.  This is just way to close to an illegal search in my opinion for several reasons.

1-Uh, hello…I am not a terrorist!

2-I had already been through the security screening.

3-I purchased the drink in the secured area.

4-I was drinking the drink!  If I were a terrorist, would I be injesting whatever they thought was in my cup?

Now, come on.   Do the TSA rent-a-cops have a brain?  What this tells me is that either the security screening is a crock and the secured area is really not secured; or they have nothing better to do than to walk around and annoy people!

I know-inquiring minds want to know what the heck they did to my drink.  They had this little white dip stick type of thing.  The poured some clear liquid on it and held it over the liquid in my cup.  I really think this whole test was a crock.  I am sure everything has some sort of odor.  But I find it highly unlikely that they could properly test a liquid without physically putting the dip stick in the liquid.  Seriously…just think about it.  If you could test liquids without putting the dipstick in it, nobody would ever have to pee in a cup to get it tested. 

As a United States citizen, I do have rights.  And among those rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Don’t forget freedom of speech…and TSA can kiss it next time they want to mess with my drink!

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