Interested in a Short Sale

Have you considered doing a SHort Sale, but want to know what to expect? Doing a Short Sale is definitely a process. I will begin by finding out some information from you. Some of my questions will include:

-Who is your mortgage company?
-What kind of loan do you have?
-Do you have any other liens?
-How many months behind are you?
-How much do you owe on your home?
-Where is your home?
-What letters or correspondence have you received from your lender?

After that, I will email you a Short Sale Package. The Short Sale Package is an essential part of the Short Sale Process. Items in the package are:

-hardship letter
-authorization to release information
-financial worksheet
-copy of tax returns (2 years)
-copy of pay stubs (2 months)
-copy of bank statements (2 months)

After you have completed and gathered the necessary forms, I will come meet you to sign the listing agreement.

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