I’m what?!

Instead of ringing in the new year, I purposely went to bed early. I was beyond ready to see the year go away. That’s right, I was not a fan of 2012 (and still am not)! Boy do I ever have a lot of blogging to make up for my hiatus in 2012.

I woke up in 2013 and my first thought was I’m what?!?! Magically overnight I became the Texas State President of Women’s Council of REALTORS. Although this was something that I had been working and preparing for for years, it was still a shock to my system.

Now at 58 days into this venture, the shock is wearing off (although I still have many things to share about this experience). One of the things that I predict will be my favorite is visiting g our local chapters. Today I am of on my first adventure to Brownsville. I must be honest and say I am a little apprehensive. My first trip to Brownsville I was chased by Border Patrol (really, who knew you cannot take a picture of the border) and my second trip I had an experience with TSA. Needless to say, Brownsville and I have a unique relationship…one that usually involves me getting into trouble.

Check back later to see what kind of trouble I stir up!


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