I’m What?

Creative is a word I have always used to describe myself.  I like to draw, color, paint and do all sorts of crafts.  After a recent enlightening event, I wrote a message about what I learned and felt.  After sharing it with a dear friend, she said “You are a writer”.  To my shock I said, I’m a what”?  And then I realized I am a writer of sorts…well maybe.

 I am not positive I am necessarily a writer, but for me, I deal with events in some type of creative nature.

 When I was in first grade, we watched The Challenger in class.  (Yes, that was before time delayed TV).  So we watched The Challenger blow up in class.  My reaction (that I haven’t acknowledged in over 20 years) was to draw and paint rockets for months…literally.  Hmmm, I wonder if my parents have any of those still?

 Another example happened than a week after turning 15.  My Grandmother (also referenced here) unexpectedly passed away.  This was the first time I had really dealt with death.  During that time, I wrote a poem about my Grandmother.

 I have not found it, but I do remember parts

 “They say she is gone, isn’t there something else they could have done?

They say she passed away, I will never forget this day.

 Saturday, November 13, 1993″

Maybe I am a writer?

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