How to Choose a Neighborhood

One of the biggest questions that I am asked as a REALTOR is how do you choose a neighborhood. That question can be difficult! My normal responses are to drive the neighborhood on the weekends and at night. Why? It is important to see if there are late night parties in which the neighbors drag the living room sofa out on the front lawn. I know that for a fact because before I sold my last house, I had neighbors that did just that! What other things might interest you to find out?

~Beer Cans all over the lawn
~Dogs that bark all night long
~The neighborhood mechanic that has cars all over his lawn
~The kids that play baseball in the front yard next door
~The lawn that never gets mowed
~The train that goes by at 2am

But, beware because no matter how you try to prepare yourself you will always be in for a surprise! Some things can be avoided, but you will always have those good and those bad neighbors. I, personally, have both good and bad. My best neighbors don’t care that at any given time there are 10 boys in my front yard having a wiffle ball tournament. In fact, 2nd base is the tree in their front yard. They are the ones that when you notice their sprinkler has been left on for 6 hours straight, you don’t mind going next door to turn it off. On the other hand, you have those like my other neighbor. They gripe that I water my yard. They don’t care what time it is. They even insist to my lawn guys that they have to shut off my sprinkler system. They gripe because I have one windchime in my backyard that was custom made by my grandfather. They gripe, they gripe, they gripe. So, what do you do about them? You want to go out and buy every windchime avaliable! But, really you just have to be nice and say, “I’ll get right on that, when I have a chance.” Hey, we are all busy people…isn’t when you have a chance a good answer?

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