Hills & Valleys

On a recent drive through the Hill Country of Texas, I found myself thinking about Hills (hey, they are as closest thing to mountains I get to see).  How do you typically look at mountains and valleys?  Are there two mountains for every valley or two valleys for every mountain?  I purpose that we actually need all of it.

When you are in the valley, things seem to move a little slower.  Maybe that is because we tend to travel at a steady rate.  We are able to look around and soak up the nature.  We see the little details whether it is the squirls playing or the water flowing over the rocks in a nearby stream.  As you travel through the valley, there are plenty of twists and turns as you begin to head up the mountain.  As your journey begins to take you up the mountain, you realize that you have to work harder to maintain the same speed.   Life begins to pass by quicker because you must maintain your focus on where you are headed.  Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can look out over the valley and finally see the big picture.  If you lean over to far, you will begin to travel quicker than you have ever traveled before.

We must live our lives taking each mountain and valley in stride.  If we allow ourselves to stay into the in the valley or the mountain too long, we can become complacent.  In life we must keep driving down the road because we never know what will be waiting at our next destination.

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