Hill Country WCR’s Example

My Governor experiences continued this week with a trip to the Hill Country Chapter. I was blown away by the professionalism within this Chapter. Of course, they could have been putting on a show-but I think this is how they always act. Two major things I noticed were the amount of people that attended the meeting and how they had all brought written reports.
If everyone in the world or at least those few that read my blog could take a lesson from the Hill Country Chapter—imagine what the world would be!

1-If everyone would simply show up, what difference would it make? I think it could change everything from the outcome of an election to the crime rates.

2-If everyone would be prepares when they show up, I think we could change the world. If at bare minimum one generation would show up prepared, we could change the future!

To change the future, I say follow the example of the Hill Country Women’s Council of REALTORS Chapter.

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