Highland Lakes Legacy

I completely love my position as Women’s Council of REALTORS® Texas Governor.  Today I had the opportunity to visit the Highland Lakes Chapter.  They held their meeting in the beautiful Marble Falls.  I was mesmerized with how gorgeous the area was.  I have never had the opportunity to visit Marble Falls before, so once again I got to experience a first. 

I am really surprised how with each Chapter I visit they are so different; and yet, I wish I belonged to each one.  The Highland Lakes Chapter was a special Chapter for me to visit.  In 2001, my mom was a WCR Texas Governor.  During her year as Governor, she had the opportunity to travel to Marble Falls several times as she assisted the charter members establish a Chapter.  I knew everything about the Highland Lakes Chapter; however I never had the opportunity to visit.  Even though that was 9 years ago, it seems like it was just yesterday. 

It is special how we have each had the opportunity to assist this Chapter.   I cannot believe how successful this Chapter has become in just a few short years!  Right off the bat, I noticed how accommodating this Chapter was.  We had scheduled a time for me to visit, but very late in the game it became apparent that several members would not be able to attend.  The Board agreed to meet on a Sunday afternoon.  Not just any Sunday, but Super Bowl Sunday.  The second thing I noticed was their willingness to work together.  During the meeting when different things were discussed, all of the sudden everyone was volunteering to help.  The most important thing I noticed was their love for Women’s Council of REALTORS®.   They took extra care to be mindful of their budget and their savings.  They were all actively seeking Strategic Partners as well as REALTOR® members.

I definitely think it is true that everything is better in Texas and there is no doubt that is true when it comes to Highland Lakes WCR, too!    Highland Lakes is the youngest chapter in the state of Texas.  I greatly encourage anyone to get involved with Women’s Council of REALTORS®.

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