Heroes of Mesquite

Heroes of Mesquite

I was recently introduced to the Heroes of Mesquite organization. I found them interesting because both my father and father-in-law are Navy Veterans. Also, for the fact that my oldest son Thing 1 (that’s what I like to refer to him as) has wanted to go into the military for about half of his life. So our family dynamics definitely make me interested in the military.

I was honored to have a conversation with Randy Lawson, the President of the Heroes of Mesquite Organization. He explained to me that he was not a veteran himself, but “this is what God wanted him to do”. The Heroes of Mesquite organization started as a way to honor Vets serving from Mesquite as well as those in active duty from Mesquite. The Heroes of Mesquite have designed a memorial to honor Vets and active duty military. This memorial will be at T own East Park on Gus Thomasson. The land was given to the Heroes of Mesquite organization by the City of Mesquite. The memorial will have four walls and a star in the center. Each wall will be for one branch of the military Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. The Coast Guard will be included on the Navy wall. The center star will be for those that gave their life serving this great country. Randy said, “The men and women of Mesquite deserve this—This is the least we can do to honor them”. Although, they are still setting the guidelines of qualifications to be included on the memorial; they will definitely include anyone with Mesquite on their enlistment or exit papers.

The Heroes of Mesquite do need help:

1. They need monetary donations. They are a 501 C3 charitable organization and would appreciate any size donation from $1 to a corporate donation.
2. They need help publicizing their efforts. Blog about the Heroes of Mesquite, invite friends to join their Facebook, ask them to speak to other organizations, etc. They will also be having a community wide event soon.
3. They need help finding Veterans from Mesquite. If you know anyone that served or is serving in the military please put them in contact with the Heroes of Mesquite.

If you have not thanked a Soldier today, I encourage you to do so. Regardless if you are from Mesquite or not, I would like to publicly thank each of the soldiers that I personally know…the list is far to long to mention each name, but please know that this is for you-Thank You for you service and although I did not make this video, I could not have said it better myself!

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