Harry Myers Park

So, it is hot and you are bored. What should you do?

Go to Harry Myers Park in Rockwall and enjoy the afternoon, of course. There is so many things that you can do at this Park. For the nature lover, there are plenty of walking trails that wind around the pond and through the trees, too. For the fisherman, there are lots of great areas for fishing in the pond. If you prefer to just relax, then they have a large covered pavilion for you picnic. There is also a simming pool and skateboard park, too. But, our favorite thing is the Splash Playground. They have arches to run through, a large flower that shoots water, buckets that dump on your head and more. The location of the Splash Playground is perfect for a break in the hot summer day. There are plenty on shaded benches for the adults to look on as the kids run, jump and crawl through the water. Even for the most active of children, an hour or so at the Splash Playground will means a nap will definitely follow. And the best part of it all is that it is absolutely free!

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