Goodwill As I have said before, I am a sucker for a bargain! One place that I visit frequently is Goodwill at I30 and Broadway in Garland. With 2 boys in baseball, I freguently purchase baseball pants for them to practice in for less than $2.00 each. My other favorite thing to look for at Goodwill is school uniforms. Again, 2 boys can be ROUGH on clothes. They have to wear standardized dress to school which consist of navy or khaki pants/shorts and a navy, red or white polo type shirt. Every year by this time of year (the Spring), they have either outgrown all of their school clothes or all the pants have holes in them. It is very easy to find standardized dress at back to school time all over the Lake Ray Hubbard area, but in the Spring it is very hard. Goodwill takes care of that problem! But, my favorite thing to look for at Goodwill are things that I can embellish with my craft supplies. Whether is is adding ribbon, sequins, rhinestones or paint, there are always perfect finds at Goodwill. This morning I went into Goodwill to see what I could find. FramesI found 3 black picture frames, which are my favorite to redecorate. The possibilities are just endless. BaseballA baseball picture frame, which I am sure my boys will fight over. Cork BoardA cork board for my boys to put their pins from Disney World on. ChairAnd a white chair. I am not sure what the little balloons on it are for, but I will take them off and decorate the chair with flowers to make a new summer centerpiece. All of that for less than $8. I love a bargain! And to top it off they offer a discount for seniors on Tuesdays. So, grab someone that qualifies and take them with you shopping. Also, each day they offer a 50% discount based on their color coding system. What is your best find at Goodwill?

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