Garland Boy Heads to the Super Bowl

Many have probably heard of a little event happening tonight called the Super Bowl.  As a Garland native I, like many others from the Land of Gar, feel a special connection.  You may have heard of Jacob Lacey who plays for the Indianapolis Colts.  Jacob was raised in Garland, Texas. 

I am sure that there are many that feel this is really neat because one of our local boys is bringing so much attention to our town.  I, too, agree that is really neat.  But, I feel connected to him in another way, too.  Jacob’s mother Francine works at our Local Association.  Many times Francine and I have had conversations about of kid.  Both of us have 2 boys.  Every time I see her, I always ask if she ever thought that she would be the mother of someone famous.  I find myself thinking if one of my children will do something amazing.  Could they become President, cure cancer or possibly become a professional athlete?  We never truly know what our children are capable of doing or becoming.  As parents we just have to raise them to the best of our abilities.  We attempt to lay a strong foundation full of values, integrity, religion, education, etc.  Now no matter what my children become, I will always be their number one fan.

But I find myself wondering, does Francine feel extra pressure?  Jacob is a good kid.  (and I can call him a kid because he is younger than me)  I believe that Jacob has a strong foundation.  He has a huge support system within his family, too.  Whether Jacob is aware of it or not, Jacob is a role model.  He has an enormous work ethic.  After a successful high school and college football career, Jacob was not picked in the 2009 draft.  Many would have taken that as a sign it was time to move on to their next chapter in their life.  Not Jacob, he was determined.  He became a free agent with the Indianapolis Colts.  Typically, that might not be a big deal except for the fact that the Colts are going to the Super Bowl.  So, again I wonder about Francine.  Francine knows my boys very well.  She knows that my boys look up to Jacob.  She knows they admire everything Jacob has accomplished.  How much extra pressure is that on a parent?  Or is that ultimately all that a parent really wants for a child? 

I tend to believe that ultimately parents would be content for their children to be good role models.  And I stress the word good.  There are plenty of bad role models out there.  From one mom to another, thank you Francine for raising admirable children!

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