FBI Chronicles-Part 2

I recently began my new role as Inspector Gadget Extraordinaire , but never dreamed how interesting and time consuming it would be. Once I discovered the possibility of Mortgage Fraud, I knew that I had to do the right thing and report it. But, who in the world do you report it to? It is not like I could pick up the phone and say, “Mr. President, our country is in the shape it is because of crooks like this. Now, go get them”. Special thanks to a friend and lender in the area, Linda Davidson, for listening to my story and directing me in the right path. I had to call the local FBI office, which i found to be a very unique experience in itself. Although I was calling to report a crime, I felt like it was me getting the third degree. About the only thing they did not ask me was my blood type…and I am sure they already had that on file. They were generally helpful, but gave me a homework assignment. I have to send in a letter to the FBI and all supporting documentation that drew me to the conclusion of Mortgage Fraud. This should be fun!

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