FBI Chronicles

Well, just call me Inspector Gadget!  (And I am not mentioning any names, cities, addresses, etc.)

In Texas, foreclosures can only happen 12 times a year.  They occur on the first Tuesday of every month.  Tuesday, March 2nd seemed to be the average run of the mill day for me until about 5:30 PM.  I received an email from a loan servicing company that I have done BPO’s (Broker’s Price Opinion) and REO’s (Real Estate Owned) for in the past.  This request was for an occupancy check among other things for a prelisting of an REO.  I quickly darted out to be able to check the house our before it got dark, plus this was a great time to try to see if someone was home.  As suspected the house was indeed vacant.

Once I returned home, I began pulling up some information on the property.  It quickly became evident that I had something much bigger than I had initially thought.    Those 2 words that every person in the Real Estate Industry fears….Mortgage Fraud.

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