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Today I read a blog that really got me fired up. I posted the blog and my response to my Facebook status and within no time there were 10 comments. Which of course fired me up even more! Basically a Mesquite Teacher posted on her Facebook Status that “it should be law that your allowed to kill one ignorant person in your life time”. She posted this during her break, but while at school. A parent got really upset and assumed that she was referring to a student.

Do parents honestly not have anything better to do than try to cause havoc for the teachers? Every time I turn around, someone is complaining about our teachers. Seriously, if you can do it better than do it. Quit taking it out on your kids teacher! Chances are that if you could teach, you already would be a teacher. Teachers are a special kind of person. I love children, but there is no way I could be a teacher!

So, let’s break down exactly what the teacher said.

It should be law“-I don’t really even want to open this can of worms, but how many times have you said this one? I frequently say this and follow it up with that I should be the only one allowed to drive. Or it should be law that it can not go over 100 degrees in North Texas. Is there really an issue of dreaming up what laws it would be nice to have?

“to kill”-again, how many times have you said your were going to kill something? Your dog tears up your favorite shoes? As a teenager your little brother keeps spying on your private conversation? I am positive you have said the phrase to kill not only referring to someone else, but probably even yourself. For example, are you trying to kill me? Did you ever actually kill someone? Did they kill you?

“one ignorant person”-frankly, I think that was probably a pretty tamed down version of what she could have said. Think of all the things that get said to people when driving home through rush hour. ignorant is probably a very nice word.

“in your/my lifetime”-I personally find myself saying this one all the time. In my lifetime…there will be a cure for cancer, adults will act like adults, the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act debt will be repaid. Isn’t saying in my lifetime only dreaming or making a goal?

So in actuality the teacher said nothing wrong. All of this turmoil is happening because this parent “assumed” that the teacher was referring to a student. Take assume apart and it makes an ____, u and me. And that is exactly what happens when you assume something.

Teacher are human beings. They have feelings. They have bad days. They fight with their spouse. They get frustrated with their boss. And most of all they get sick of whining parents. Oh my goodness, and they even drink! Of course the likely cause of their drinking is probably the parents.

The thought that someone be upset of what is done on their break is ridiculous! When you take a break does anyone tell you what to do? Do they say you are allowed to use the restroom? Smoke? Or even buy a coke? Why should teachers have any less rights than you or me?

My kids school has “outlawed” teachers from friending parents on Facebook because of stupid parents that cannot act like adults. I think it is ridiculous. I used to feel a sense of comfort being friends with teachers. With all the smartphones, a teacher could get instant contact with me either by calling or text. No need to wait for email or even stop to look up my number in case of an emergency. And emergencies DO happen at school! From sick kids, hurt kids, hurt feelings, to serious issues.

Maybe the teachers status should have been…if you are my friend you understand that I may rant and rave. I may even say I hate you, but that is how friends are. Friends are allowed to vent frustrations and not be judged. If you judge me, then you are not my friend. Get out of my life & leave me alone!


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