Day 1-Half Marathon Training

So I go nearly a year without getting sick and them the day before my half marathon training starts, it hits me. I am so sick I can barely get out of bed. Is this an omen that I shouldn’t begin my training or just another hurdle?

Just a hurdle! Despite not feeling 100%, I still went out and ran my 2 miles. One thing I love about running is it gives me time to think…process…and oh my goodness do I ever write some awesome blogs while running ;). I decided that although I have a tendency to abandon my blog that I will blog about my journey towards my first half marathon. So I invite you to follow along on my journey, but I will warn you…I am going to be real…running can suck and I won’t lie about it…but running will change you, too!

So day 1 happened and all I can say is it has got to be better than that! What did I learn?

1. Running sick sucks!
2. I really have to work on my pace. I am all over the place.
3. Yup, it was the pace issue or being sick or both…but I blew chunks (maybe water and morning meds is a better description). Talk about embarrassing as you run around your neighborhood.
4. And lastly…who knew one could sweat so much when it is 50 degrees? Ridiculous!!!


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