Coyotes in Rowlett, Texas

Coyotes in Rowlett, TXCome on people, let’s really think this through! The newest uproar in Rowlett is over the city trapping Coyotes. What I completely don’t understand is how the people are reacting!

Yes, I am sure PETA is going to go crazy over this…but get a life! Recently several small dogs and cats have gone missing in the area. And yet the coyote supporters are saying that it is the fault of irresponsible pet owners? Get a grip! If I am a homeowner, my pet has ever right to go out and do his business in the yard. If I choose not to watch my pet while it does his business, does that make me irresponsible pet owner? Do you like to have an audience when you do your business?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! This sudden over population of coyotes has got to stop. Right now it is just small animals, but the coyotes are getting bold. What is next? A mauled child?

Come on Rowlett….get rid of the coyotes and quit whining about it!

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  1. greg says:

    i think u are over exagerating about these animals because they do good things to the envirment to. if you take them all out, another problum will sprout up in its place. now i can see if the coyote bites a kid, they should HUMAINLEY uthanize it. the reason why i would kill a koyote is if it killed my livestock or did something to harm me or my family. jest think, what if somebody jest decided to shoot you if you were walking the street that used to be nothing but a praire whare you used to jest do whatever. people in the city feed the coyotes and then they come back because the paople keep feeding them jest like bears. and if your woried about your dog getting eaten, then put a friken fence or something around ur house and then the coyote wont get the dog. im not a fan of coyotes my self but i dont want to destroy every last one thoe eaither.