Charro Days

Charro Days with the Brownsville Chapter

Charro Days with the Brownsville Chapter

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous! Here was my very first official Presidential visit and I was wearing jeans, a ponytail and a costume of sorts…but my experience with Charro Days is one I will never forget.

Charro Days started in Brownsville, Texas during the Great Depression to bring excitement despite the depression. They have dances, parades, fireworks and of course…costumes! This was the 76th Charro Days celebration and yours truly got to participate.

I am not one who typically likes to dress in costume, but by the conclusion of the meeting I wished I was in full costume. It was such a delight for me to experience something that literally takes place just a few hundred miles from me.

At our National Convention this past Novemeber, John Gordon spoke about having a word that is your focus for the year. I thought long…and hard about it…and came up with EXPERIENCE! I am determined to make my 2013 a year of experiences and Charro Days was the perfect way to kick it off! The Brownsville Chapter is one of our small WCR Chapters, but definitely have one of the biggest hearts.

I definitely would love to go back and see the full effect of Charro Days versus the my small experience…who knows, next year I may show up in full costume?!

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