Bin 303

Bin 303 is a quaint restraunt in the historic downtown area of Rockwall, Texas. It has been open for a while, but I just recently heard about it. With the inquisitive mind that I have, I began to search for information on Bin 303. I found their website, which provided some information on the resteraunt. But I also found a blog ranting about their food and service. The saying may be true that “Google never forgets”, but I decided to decide for myself.

I visited this hidden gem with some friends and were amazed to say the least. I was suprised with the charming redone house that was built in the 1920’s. The atmosphere was honestly something I have not found in the Lake Ray Hubbard Area before. My friends and I started with the dip appetizer and were amazed that we all actually liked hummus, or at least this one. We each tried different entrees including shrimp sliders, chicken salad, a cheese burger and a specialty grilled cheeses. The portions were more than any of us could eat.

We enjoyed a delectable evening at a delightful new gem that we will definiely visit again.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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