Beef Jerky Outlet

Now maybe it is because I live in a house full of the male species, but you can almost always find some beef jerky around our house! So, you could only imagine the excitement there was when we heard about the Beef Jerky Outlet near Lake Ray Hubbard. I must admit, myself, I was not excited. We decided to stop by on a Saturday afternoon and to my amazement the place was packed. Am I the only on in the area that thinks a store for beef jerky is crazy? However, upon entering the store I found myself amazed. I did quickly notice that there were tons of different varieties of jerky from turkey to alligator and from fire to honey BBQ. As my 3 guys (husband and two boys) scattered to find the best jerky, I dove to see what else I could find. To my amazement, there were lots of other things besides beef jerky. They had different peanut butters, dried fruits, and my favorite the peanuts. The Beef Jerky Outlet is unique because you can try everything to make sure you like something before buying it. My favorite was the coconut peanuts. In fact, all the peanuts were good. They have pina coloda, margarita, apple cinnamon and more. We left the store with some peanut and 3 different kinds of jerky. Who knew that I would enjoy the Beef Jerky Outlet so much? I definitly suggest trying out the Beef Jerky Outlet. They are located at 4441 Bass Pro Drive, Suite 500 in Garland.

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