Backyard Fun

Backyard FunIn North Texas, we typically have the shortest spring. It feels like we go straight from winter to summer during most years. This year has been quite unique in that we have had a nice spring, or course mixed in with a lot of rain. Sometimes fun is no further away than right out your back door. For adults it may be your best friends coming over for a cook out or for the younger at heart it may be a play date, but lots of fun can happen in the back yard. And back yard fun is not limited to the spring time. So no matter the time of year, try to take time to enjoy your backyard. Here are some ideas for things to do in your backyard and please share your suggestions, too!

Rake leaves in a pile and then of course jump in them
Have a picnic
Play a game of baseball, kickball, soccer, etc
Read a book
Climb a tree
Build a fort/clubhouse
Play on a swingset
Look at the clouds
Plant flowers
Blow bubbles
Play in the sprinkler
Have a water gun fight
Have a water balloon fight

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