About Me

Although I am a mother of two boys, I am far from June Clever. I like crafts, a good bargain, watching my boys play baseball and everything real estate. People think I am opinionated, but I prefer to think that I just tell it like it is. I don’t like scary movies, trying new things or clowns…I am just a little quirky like that. I love a good discussion, shopping and volunteer work. Zebra print makes me smile, and I am not quite sure why. Grammar is not my forte, but that is ok because my High School Teacher is my FaceBook friend and she doesn’t care.

The professional version…

Sylvia Seabolt had the opportunity to work in a Real Estate office while attending high school, but never intended to go into Real Estate. The months turned into years and eventually that intention changed when she got her license in 2000, ultimately receiving her Texas Brokers License in 2008.

Sylvia decided to align herself with Women’s Council of REALTORS® years before becoming a licensed REALTOR®. She has always been an advocate for education and empowering women to become entrepreneurs and industry leaders, regardless of their chosen profession.

Sylvia has chaired numerous committees and severed in various positions on both the local and State Level of Women’s Council of REALTORS®, Lake Cities Association of REALTORS® and North Texas Young Professionals Network.

In her free time, Sylvia is involved in her community, church and local schools. Sylvia has been married for 11 years to Casey Seabolt; and they have 2 boys, Chase and Cayden.