12 lessons learned from 12 miles

1. Training for 15 weeks in 25-55 degree weather, is not good practice for a 75 degree day.

Running White Rock Lake

Running White Rock Lake

2. Never trust water fountains will work!

3. New aches will appear when you least expect them…dang hip flexor!

4. Chugging water after 7 miles of no water will make you puke…trust me.

5. I’ve heard of “hitting a wall” while running before but have never experienced it. This is one experience I could have skipped! Hit the wall at mile 8 and the last 4 miles were the longest of my life.

6. 12 miles is soooo close to a half marathon and yet so far away! I could not have made it one step further today…which is really discouraging!


7. It’s ok to be discouraged. It’s ok to be frustrated. It’s not ok to beat yourself up about a bad run….a bad run is still a run!

8. My half marathon is 3 weeks away and I am really scared.

9. As I mentioned above, I have done something to my hip flexor. What does that mean??? Ice bath! The one thing that has scared me to death this whole training. Fear of the unknown is a scary thing.

My first ice bath

My first ice bath

10. Seriously, ice baths are not that bad! There is definitely a right way to do them (like wear clothes, drink coffee and distract yourself by watching a movie on your iPad).

Not too bad...see I am smiling!

Not too bad…see I am smiling!

11. Wear Sunscreen…period! Unless you think a sports bra tan is super sexy!



12. Running with friends is the best! 12 miles alone just sucks…I am so thankful for my Blister Sisters that have taken most of the journey with me! It is true:


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